• "I wanted simplicity. Before moving to Atherton, we realized our old home had become a burden. Living here has freed us in many ways."
    - Fuyun Tsai

  • "We wanted an early start. Both of our parents enjoyed many years at Atherton. That’s one reason we decided not to waste another day!"
    - Patty and Neil Frey

  • "We wanted less hassle. What finally pushed Joy and me to consider our retirement living options? It was one very expensive leak."
    - Joy and Joe Forgatch

  • "I wanted a path for two. My wife and I have different health needs, but our life can continue together. Being at Atherton is better for both of us."
    - Betty and Chuck Cluff

  • "We wanted a future without ifs. People thought we were too young for a retirement community. We just smile because we know living here is a blessing."
    - Rev. Cory and Reine Ishida

  • "I wanted to keep exploring. When my husband and I moved to Atherton 26 years ago, it was more than right. It was smart."
    - Rosemary Hampton

For nearly a century, our residents have had complete faith in retirement living.

Serving the San Gabriel Valley community: From humble beginnings in Burbank to magnificent success in Alhambra, CA.

For 100 years, Atherton has been a bright spot on the horizon for those seeking a retirement community unsurpassed in beauty and style, kinship and compassion, and a commitment to faith-based living. Learn more.



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