There’s No Place Like Home…

and There’s No Place Like Atherton

Unique Village Neighborhood

Every senior living community has its own feel. Some feel institutional, while others feel inviting. Some are fancy, others formal, and some cold. With its tree-lined streets and varied housing styles, Atherton fosters a small town feel. Walk around our cozy enclave and you will find that the place feels safe and separate from the urban frenzy.

About Our Neighborhood

Experience the indoor pool, wood shop, and craft room. Work out in the Fitness Center. Browse in the Gift Shop. Stop by for fellowship in the coffee shop. Enjoy the café, billiard room, business center, and the library.

Our neighborhood has flourished with time. Flowers, trees, beauty, and color adorn the rich variety of architecture on our quiet streets. Atherton offers a variety of living options: You will find apartments, cottages, duplexes, triplexes, and stand-alone homes. Whether you enjoy living in a quaint cottage on Melody Lane or in the modern amenities of our newest condo community, The Courtyard, you can find your ideal home at Atherton.

Campus Map

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Unique Resident Diversity

Every senior living community has its own appeal

Like the ancient oaks on our campus, our branches are wide and strong to accept and celebrate diversity of all kinds. Experts across the country report that Atherton is one of the most diverse Life Plan Communities in America. Our residents represent over 16 religious denominations, including friends from across the Christian spectrum, and those of Buddhist, Jewish, and other faiths. We are racially diverse with friends representing over 25 ethnicities.

Our Diverse Community

Spend any time with our residents and you may meet

  • A woman who acted in The Wizard of Oz (Yes, the original movie!)
  • A man who worked extensively on the first Mars rover
  • Accomplished scholars and scientists
  • A woman who published a book about her experiences in the internment camps
  • A man who fought on the beaches at Normandy
  • A gal who has sold well over 1,000 pieces of original art
  • A resident who helped to fix the Hubble telescope
  • Teachers, Professors, Authors, Psychologists, Social Workers, two College Presidents, Ministers, Translators, and Missionaries from all over the world
  • A professional dog trainer
  • Doctors, Nurses, and Administrators

Unique Christian Mission

Every senior living community has its own mission

At Atherton, our roots run deep into our Christian heritage. Founded more than a century ago as a retirement home for Baptist Ministers and Missionaries, we still honor that calling today. As a Christian community, we value all relationships and we support an atmosphere that values a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as our Living Lord.

  • Atherton residents choose how they express their faith and serve one another.
  • For those who have no interest, there is no pressure and no judgement.
  • Others actively pursue times of Worship, Fellowship, Bible Study, Prayer, and Service with one another.
  • Every day Atherton celebrates Faith, Hope, and Love in hundreds of ways, large and small.


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Unique Campus Connections

Every senior living community has its own energy. At Atherton, the true source of our energy is not a large corporate structure, a huge entertainment budget, or a cadre of paid professionals. Our energy as a community comes from our residents. As they share their personal talents, gifts, abilities, and interests with one another, Atherton is enriched. These are the kinds of connections that promote purpose, meaning, and true bonds of friendships that last.


Have an Idea? If you start it, they’ll join!

George arrived at Atherton with a 60-year passion for playing the ukulele. His Hawaiian heritage and brother’s encouragement instilled a love for mellow music.. Read more George Tanioka

George Shares His Ukulele


Love to Give yourself?

Lary retired from the ministry after 40 years of faithful service. But what does someone do who still has a heart for helping and serving others? Because of Atherton’s.. Read more Lary Sharp

Lary Still Cares


How Would You Express Yourself?

Trudi has always felt her garden was a way to express her creativity, her independence, and her values. She inherited her green thumb from her father.. Read more Trudi Anderson

Trudi Grows at Atherton


Looking to stay Active?

Alice had lived at Atherton for about a month when one of the other residents exclaimed, “Alice, you know more people here than I do!” “Well,” Alice replied.. Read more Alice Tamura

Alice Makes New Friends

Lifestyle Options

Senior Living is Healthy Living

Healthy living isn’t automatic. It takes knowledge, the right tools, role models, a nurturing environment, and good old will power to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.