Atherton @ Home

Friendly Concierge Services


Concierge Services plus Compassionate Servers equals Comfortable Security: Perhaps you want someone to walk your dog on a terribly hot day, or take the cat to the vet. Perhaps you have a drawer that needs organizing, a package that needs to be mailed, or you want to color your hair. You may want to attend your granddaughter’s school recital, or have a little help trimming the Christmas tree. For these and a million other services that can make life easier, all you have to do is pick up the phone and ask for Atherton @ Home. You will receive responsive, quality help from a smiling, friendly caregiver.

To AM or not to AM?


“Aging in Place” is the new standard in senior living. In California, this often depends on whether your CCRC home has steps. A home without steps can be considered “non-ambulatory” (non-AM) and certain types of assistance can be brought directly to you without the disruption of making a move. At Atherton, we have both options: If you choose a home where there are no steps, we can provide in-home care as the needs arise. This care is provided by our competent, creative Atherton @ Home caregivers. Other residents choose The Villa (see below) when the needs arise for assisted living. Many in-home helpers charge a 2 or 3 hour minimum for their services. Atherton @ Home services are based on 15-minute increments. You only pay for what you actually use.