Life Beyond


This year, Atherton residents will donate over 32,000 hours of their time serving others on our campus and in dozens of venues and churches in the area. The city values Atherton and our residents. For over 100 years, we have been a rich source of civic, hospital, community, and spiritual service.


It would be hard to imagine an area more densely filled with cultural opportunity than in the heart of Southern California. Atherton residents avail themselves of the art, music, theater, dining, dance, museums, festivals, and almost every imaginable kind of culture that abounds in the heart of Southern California.

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Each year Atherton residents plan at least one major trip together. What a blessing to go abroad with a group of neighbors you know and Atherton staff you can rely on. Residents can invite family or friends to share the adventure too. The prices are good and the memories are forever. In past years, residents have traveled to Israel, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Alaska, and many other amazing places. 2018 Atherton Trip


ALHAMBRA Living is Good Living

We are a safe, easy walk to Starbucks, Main Street, the Post Office, the Library, shops, stores, and churches.

  • Teeming with restaurants, open-air markets, shops, and parks
  • Conveniently located about 20 minutes east of downtown Los Angeles
  • Within a few miles of Dodger Stadium, Disneyland, the Hollywood Bowl, the Huntington Library, the Getty, USC, the beach, the mountains, and the endless richness of Southern California living
The San Gabriel Valley offers a spectacular backdrop with majestic mountain views and wonderful California weather.

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Area Churches: Click on a list of Alhambra churches