Atherton would like to honor and recognize those donors who made cash gifts in 2016 and our dedicated Heritage Club members that have chosen to support Atherton through life planned gifts through estate planning, life insurance, stocks and appreciated assets and other planned gifts to sustain and further the mission.

Atherton began as a gift.  It’s been giving back ever since. A century ago, 83 year-old Hannah Atherton Baldwin established a Christian retirement community for retired Ministers, Missionaries and their spouses with a $40,000 donation. Now open to the all Christians of all faiths, Atherton has built a tradition of caring.

Your thoughtfulness and generosity are delightful and amazing!

Your gift to Atherton assists in continuing our mission; to provide a caring, fulfilling environment where dynamic, useful living is continually expanded and to encourage a positive view of aging in every stage of life and level of care.

We continue our ministry of Christian living for today’s seniors because of faithful and generous support of people like you. Because of your generosity, some of our residents in our skilled nursing facility are cared for and subsidized as needed so that they may stay in a familiar setting and remain a part of our community.  Because of your generosity, our grounds are maintained and repairs are done.  Because of your generosity, people’s lives are better, our community is better and Atherton is a better place to live.

You make a difference!

Thank You for Your Compassionate Giving in 2016


Mr. Ray and Mrs. Nancy Acevedo
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Adema
The Ahmanson Foundation
Mrs. Chiyo Aiso
Mr. Ted and Mrs. Marilyn Alford
Alhambra Rotary Charities Foundation
Dr. Leslie C. Allen
Rev. Kunihiko and Mrs. Eiko Amano
A.J. Andersen Investments, LLC
Mrs. Trudi Anderson
Mr. John and Mrs. Yuriko Anderson
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Connie Armstrong
Atherton Auxiliary
Atherton Sewing & Mending Group
Mrs. Barbara Baker
Mrs. Linda Barrett
Mrs. Margarita Barron
Mr. Frank Barwig
Mrs. Sue Grider Bell
Mrs. Ramona Bement
Ms. Lisa Betton
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Beyer
Mr. George and Mrs. Elaine Binder
Mr. Nevin and Mrs. Roberta Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bock
Mrs. Marion L Boomhower
Rev. A. Ward and Mrs. Rose Ann Brandenstein
Miss Lucille Brisbane
Mr. James Brittingham
Rev. and Mrs. Ray Bryson
Ms. Monika Bucknall
Ms. Jacqueline Burdios
Mr. Donald Burrill
Ms. Jane Burtis
Mrs. Celia Bushfield
Mrs. Virginia Campbell
Mrs. Ann H. Cann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter
Ms. M. Audrey Chan
Mr. Louis Chang
Mrs. Beulah Charles
Mr. and Mrs. John Charlton
Mr. Ray A. E. Chavira
Ms. Liu Chen
Mr. Peter Y-F Chen
Ms. Diana Cheng
Ms. Fannie Cheng
Gong Cheung
Chevy Chase Baptist Church
Mr. Archie Childers, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chow
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Wei K. Chow
Christian Community Credit Union
Ms. Qing Xue Shirley Chung
Mr. Joe Clark
Rev. Charles E. Cluff
Mrs. Donald Cole
Miss Gwendolyn Collier
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Margaret Davis
Mr. Andrew De Lancey
Mr. and Mrs. R. Paul DeVaughn
Mr. Wesley Duerksen
Eagle Spirit Culture & Education Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Ebling
Mr. Fred Edwards Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Edwards
Ms. Beverly Eidson
Miss Doris K. Eldred
Mr. Reuben and Mrs. Dorothy Entzel
Evergreen Baptist Church – SGV
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Tiffany Exline
Mrs. Leona Falk
Mrs. Virginia Fanelli
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Farrar
Ms. Hanie Feng
First Baptist Church of Alhambra
First Baptist Church of Corona
First Baptist Church of Garden Grove
First Baptist Church of Hacienda Heights
First Baptist Church of Lake Isabella
First Baptist Church of Monrovia
First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes, AB
First Baptist Church of Pasadena
First Baptist Church of Riverside
First Baptist Church of Taft
First Baptist Church of Temple City
First Baptist Church of Westchester
Rev. Stephen E. Fletcher and Mrs. Gloria A. Shane
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Kimberly Flowers
Mr. Philip F. and Mrs. Amy W. Fong
Mr. F. Lester and Mrs. Nancy Fraser
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Freeland
Dr. Neil and Mrs. Patty Frey
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Valeska Frueholz
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Ruth Fuller
Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Myrna Funtecha
Mrs. Grace Furumura
Mr. Leo and Mrs. Robin Giammalva
Mr. Edmund and Mrs. Renee Gibbs
Mrs. Elizabeth Glanville
Dr. William Goddard
Carl and Jeanette Goldbaum Charitable Foundation
Ms. Adela Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gomez
Mrs. Pauline Goodman
Ms. E. Gordoa
Grace Hills Church
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Grande
Dr. Doris A. Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greaves
Rev. Richard and Mrs. Dena Green
Mrs. Jacqueline E. Groseth
Mr. Donald W. Grove
Gurrola Baptist Foundation
Mr. Joseph Gurrola
South Shores Baptist Church
Ms. Yumiko Hamamoto
Dr. and Mrs. Leland Hamby
Mrs. Charlotte Hamilton
High Desert Baptist Church
Dr. and Mrs. Herb Hammond
Mrs. Rosemary Hampton
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harris
Mr. David Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hasper
Dr. and Mrs. John Heck
Ms. Marianne Hendriks
Ms. Beverly S. Henry
Mr. Gene J. Hickle
Mrs. Thelma Higgins
Highland Park Baptist Church
Mr. John and Mrs. Tomiko Higuchi
Mr. David Hoffner
Mrs. Su-Huei Chang Holt
Miss Rosemary Howard
Ms. Ruth E. Howe
Ms. Connie Hsi
Ms. Shung-Shing Hsueh
Mrs. Mary J. Hyde
Tsutayo Ichioka and Satsuki Nakao Foundation
Mrs. Mildred T. Ikemoto
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Barbara Inglis
Rev. Cory and Mrs. Reine Ishida
Mr. and Mrs. Michio Ito
Mrs. Toshiko N. Ito
Mrs. Aiko Iwamoto
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jackson
Ms. Katharine Jen
Mr. and Mrs. Gail Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Johnson
Mrs. Dawn Jones
Mr. G. Gregory Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jones
Mrs. Jewel Jugend
Mrs. Pauline F. Jung
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keene
Mrs. Virginia M. Kirby
Ms. Carolyn Kleinknecht
Ms. Kathryn Klomburg
Ms. Aiko Kohatsu
Mrs. Sungil Kopf
Mrs. Gloria J. Kott
Mr. Helmut and Mrs. Eleanor Krieger
Mrs. Denise Kuhn
Mrs. Misayo Kumakura
Mr. Collin Lai and Mrs. Susan Hum-Lai
Mr. James and Mrs. Sandra Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lane
Mr. Dale R. Laster
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Latting
Mr. William Lau and Mrs. Debbie Liang
Mr. and Mrs. John Le Pouvoir
Mrs. Annabel E. Lee
Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Irene Lee
Mr. Ken and Mrs. Angela Lee
Mrs. May Tew Lee
Ms. Linda Lesh
Mr. Daniel Leung
Mrs. Margaret D. Lew
Mr. Perry Lew
Mrs. Winnona Lewis
Light on the Corner
Dr. John and Mrs. Linda Lim
Mrs. Eleanor Linnes
Mrs. Arlene Long
Los Angeles Japanese Baptist Church
Mr. Harry A. Lott, II
Mr. Paul L. Louie
Mrs. Harriet Low
Mr. Edward Ludford
Chaplain Robert and Dr. Leno Maase
Dr. Kirk and Mrs. Robin Mackie
Mr. Copy
Mrs. Irene Magana
Mr. Joe Malcor
Mr. Momtaz and Mrs. Amal Mansour
Miss Norma Martinez
Mrs. Carol Mayr
Ms. Cathy McCann
Mrs. Diana McCann
Mr. John and Mrs. Carol McClure
Ms. Selena McCurdy
Ms. Mamie McGee
Ms. Sherry L. Mehler
Mrs. Emily Merrick
Mrs. Ruth M. Metter
Mr. Calvin Miao
Millennia Holdings, Inc.
Mrs. Mabel Minami
Ministers and Missionary Benefit Board
Mrs. Lily Miyata
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Kathleen Montgomery
Mrs. Margaret Morschl
Mr. Frank Murakami and Mrs. Kay Murakami
Mrs. Kitty Myint
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Nagano
Mrs. Phyllis Neal
Rev. and Mrs. Virgil Nelson
Mr. Louis G. Neuner, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Chen-Chou Ni
Mr. and Mrs. Swiss Nishiyama
Mrs. Gayle Nouskajian
Nugent Custom Printing
Ocean View Baptist Church
Mrs. Evelyn Y Okamura
Mr. and Mrs. G. Wade Olson
Ms. Michiko Otaya
Mrs. Masako M. Ozeki
Mrs. Jane G. Page
Mr. Raoul and Mrs. Jocelyn Pascual
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Patzia
Mrs. Betty Paynter
Mrs. Agnetha Pennington
Mr. Win and Mrs. Sue Phelps
Mr. James S. Pierce
Mr. John and Rev. Mary Polite
A.V. Powell & Assoc. LLC
Mr. Stevan Power
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Pruitt
Ms. Jennie Quan
Mrs. Patti Quan
Ms. Sherry Quan
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Rainey
Ms. Susan Ray
Mrs. Maria Ream
Miss Stella Reyes
Mr. William Rhine and Mrs. Mary Monnier
Mr. Raphael Ricard
Mrs. Eunice Richter
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Gorden Romberger
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Saguchi
Mrs. Mary Saito
Ms. Tammy Salwasser
Mr. William Say
Seeds of Life Church
Rev. and Mrs. Lary Sharp
Ms. Jennifer Shen
Mrs. Andrea Shepherd
Mr. Aki Shimojima
Herbert J. Sims & Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Champ Singleterry
Miss Lenore Slater
Miss Norma Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith
Mr. George and Mrs. Dorcas So
James L. Stamps Foundation, Inc.
Rev. and Mrs. J. Craig Statton
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Kimbra Sterling
Stern Fisher Edwards, Inc.
Mr. Michael Stump
Miss Connie T. Sung
Ms. Raylene M. Sylvester
Miss Tatiana S. Tailor
Ms. Jeanne F. Takano
Mr. and Mrs. Hiroo Takesako
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Tam
Mrs. Alice Tamura
Mrs. Kazuko Tanaka
Mr. and Mrs. Sakae Tanioka
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Gayle Taylor
Mrs. Janice B. Taylor
Ms. Karen Teruya
Rev. Mary Anne Thompson
Rev. Kevin and Mrs. Jennifer Trevithick
Dr. Dorothy L. Trice
Mr. Thomas Trowbridge
Mr. Frank W. Tsai
Ms. Amy Tsang
Ms. Betty S. Ue
Miss Holly L. Vecchio
Mrs. Carol Vessels
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marcia Vickery
Vietnamese Grace Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. David Walker
Mrs. Norma R. Walker
Ms. Cynthia Wallace
Mrs. Elise Lee Wear
Mrs. Ruth E. Weisman
Rev. Ellen Wekall
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Wentzel
West Lakewood Baptist Church
Mrs. Donna Wheeler
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Shirley Wigglesworth
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Willett
Mr. Warren and Mrs. Jeanne Williams
Mr. William Williams
Wilshire Avenue Community Church
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Withers
Mr. Garey and Mrs. Sonja Wittich
Mrs. Grace Wolford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wong
Mr. Franklin and Mrs. Jean Woo
Mrs. Mei Y. Woo
Ms. Ann Wozniak
Mrs. Alicia Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Cho Wu
Mrs. Alice A. Yamada
Mr. and Mrs. Kazuaki Yamada
Mrs. Ben-Yi Chen Yang
Mr. David and Ms. Isabella Yang
Mrs. Esther P. Yee
Mr. Henry Yee
Mrs. Pauline L. Yen
Mrs. Lily Y. Yenoki
Mrs. Donna Zantow
Mrs. Evelyn M. Zehring