Independence through assistance

So, what about life in a CCRC or other retirement community? Some people feel that by acquiescing to a move into a CCRC, it is like giving up and accepting that you’re an “old person”—surrendering your independence at the door. In today’s world where people are living...

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CCRCs Often Viewed as a Gift to the Children

“When my wife and I decided to move into a C.C.R.C., just before Christmas, we told each of our six children that our decision represented the most significant gift we had ever given them.” Comments like this are common among residents of CCRCs, sometimes referred to as life plan communities.

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Senior Stories: Honey of a Hobby

Almost 40 years ago Martha and I bought 7 1/2 acres of land north of Topeka, Kansas. No buildings, just a shaded rural area with a creek running diagonally through it. I thought that would be a great place to put some bee hives.

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