For many, the holiday season provides opportunities to gather with family and make special memories together. When these gatherings include older family members, who may be limited in their ability to participate, it’s important to find activities that are fun, festive, safe, and meaningful for everyone. Here are five activities that you can enjoy with loved ones of any age as you share quality time together this holiday season:

  • Share Beloved Holiday Memories: Around the table or in a comfortable space, share what your favorite holiday memory is and why it means so much to you. Invite family members to do the same. Reflect together on the memories you cherish most from this time of year.
  • Make & Decorate Cookies: Use holiday cookie-cutters, colorful frosting, and festive sprinkles. Then enjoy eating them together with some tea or cocoa!
  • Read Holiday Stories Together: Pick out some family favorites, and read them aloud together. You can even get creative and write your own as a family.
  • Make Festive Cards to Exchange: Using colored paper, markers, and decorations, create cards that reflect the spirit of the season. Then write meaningful notes inside and exchange them with one another.
  • Watch holiday movies together: Prepare some popcorn and pick a holiday movie everyone can enjoy.

Whatever activities you choose this holiday season, be sure to remain sensitive to the unique needs and limitations of older family members. Be attentive to how you can include family members of every age in celebrations and traditions, even if it means adapting them a bit. Cards and cookies are wonderful—but more meaningful than all the treats and trim is the simple gift of being together!