Jackie Rhodes have been an Atherton resident since 2014

The lady in this story doesn’t need a name. She is all of us.

She works hard at her job cleaning rooms for older people who need assistance. Not only do they need help with their chores, but sometimes they want to have a cup of coffee with a friend. Sitting down, she takes the time to talk and be that friend.

One of her friends, we’ll call him Joe, had serious health issues and had to have one leg amputated. She became used to seeing one empty shoe in his closet as she cleaned and dusted.

She was diabetic and was having some health issues with walking and every morning her feet hurt as she struggled to get her shoes on, walk out the front door and go to work.

Joe was hurting and struggling too and needed to have his other leg amputated.

One morning as she was getting her family off to work and putting her own home in order, the pain in her feet became worse but she still put her shoes on, one at a time, and went to work.

After lunch there were only a few places to clean. As she went to Joe’s cottage, her feet started to hurt. She sat down and cried. “Lord, I am tired and wish I could cut off my feet and the pain would go away.”

Then she went to Joe’s, to his closet and looked inside. And what did she see?


She cried and said “Forgive me”.