A Poem

I didn’t know the cars coming towards me were dangerous. But someone who cared looked down, took my hand and guided me safely to the other side where it was safe.

When that big beautiful dog came running towards me, I couldn’t wait to touch him, hands pushed me aside so that no one would be harmed.

What fun it was at recess time to laugh and play. We joined hands and sang “Ring Around the Rosy”. I belonged and felt a part of a bigger circle when all of us fell down together.

There were times when all children tripped and fell on their knees and hands were there to pick us up. They washed the scrapped knees, applied the medicine as hands told us everything would be all right.

How about those times when no one could see my wound. But I was crying inside. A hand came out with a tissue wiping my eyes that were full of tears, comforting me.

In high school I met the most handsome and awesome boy in the world. At least in my world. One day a miracle happened. We were walking down the hall, his hand reached out and took mine and we held hands for 50 plus years.

Now I live in a retirement home and watch my neighbors. Some are still holding hands. She can’t see too clearly and he doesn’t walk too steadily. So they walk down their road of life holding on to each other’s hand.

I am thankful when I think of all the hands that have made my life happy and secure.