List: On Campus Volunteer Opportunities

  • Dining Room Host/Hostess
  • Resident Pictorial Directory
  • Wholly Grounds Coffee House
  • Library
  • Any of the resident-initiated shops:
    • Grandma’s basement
    • The Treasure House
    • The House of Jewelry
    • Clothing Boutique
    • Lovely Linens
  • Town Hall and Chapel greeters
  • Dog-walkers
  • Health Care Center service and support
  • Fall Festival: in October
  • Neighborhood Watch Captains
  • Resident Chaplains
  • Support Group Facilitators
  • Intergenerational Initiative with Northrup Elementary School
  • Atherton Ambassadors: To assist our Marketing Department
  • Movers & Shakers: Residents who help move second-hand “stuff”
  • New volunteer possibilities every week!

Read more from one of our very own Atherton Resident:

Love to Give yourself? Don’t Hold Back!

Lary retired from the ministry after 40 years of faithful service. But what does someone do who still has a heart for helping and serving others? Because of Atherton’s commitment to resident purpose, Lary transitioned his former pastoral skills into leading and serving the Atherton Chaplains. Years ago, this program was initiated through the vision and efforts of another Atherton resident, and it has become a vital part of resident life. Over 20 men and women volunteer to cover a section of our campus for the purpose of offering spiritual support and practical encouragement for residents who desire it. They welcome new residents, visit residents in the hospital, create social opportunities for their groups, and offer prayer support. In 2009, Lary was asked to lead this effort. In addition to these volunteers, Lary also oversees 8-10 residents who offer devotional thought to Health Care residents, help families who experience the loss of their loved ones, and he organizes over 2 dozen residents who serve as greeters and ushers in the Chapel program. Lary is quick to point out that he gets a lot of help from his wife, Donna, for the organizational tasks. But his deepest joy is most fulfilled when Lary does his daily visits with folks in our health care center. Over a lifetime of serving, he has learned the value of a personal moment, a warm hug, and an encouraging smile. In Lary’s words, “I’ve never felt more ideally suited for anything than what I do right now.” Atherton feels exactly the same way. Thanks, Lary.

You don’t have to be a former pastor to find a meaningful role at Atherton. Most of our volunteer opportunities are positive, practical, and fun. However you like to serve, there is something here for you to do.