List: Weekly/ Monthly Activities, Classes and Events

  • Out-to-Lunch Bunch
  • One Day Excursions: museums, sports events, plays, concerts
  • Friday Villa Movie
  • Bible Studies
  • Pool (billiard) Tournament
  • Birthday and Christmas Parties
  • Wellness and Fitness Classes (see below)
  • Town Hall: Weekly lecture or musical performance
  • Art Classes / Crafting Classes
  • Armchair Travel
  • New opportunities to participate every week!

Read more from our resident Alice Tamura about her experience with activities.

Alice had lived at Atherton for about a month when one of the other residents exclaimed, “Alice, you know more people here than I do!”

“Well,” Alice replied, “I don’t know how that happened, I do keep myself busy and for some reason I just keep meeting people. “

Upon further exploration, Alice provided an overview of her Atherton activities for a typical week:

“On Mondays I volunteer at the coffee shop in the morning (it’s a great way to meet people and I’m always making new friends there), I attend Zumba Gold class in the afternoon, and join the evening pool exercise group. Tuesdays, after my morning walk on Main Street, and my usual Starbucks stop, I go to our early-bird pool exercise. Then I help with the Movers and Shakers if they need me. I attend the Town Hall on Tuesday nights (if I remember to turn off Jeopardy). On Wednesdays, I love my walking and early-bird pool routine in the morning, and there is water Zumba in the afternoon. On Thursdays I have my usual morning walk and pool exercise. In the afternoon is line dancing. On Fridays after my walk and pool program I volunteer in the library.”

“Throughout the week I may invite some of my friends to join me in the dining room for lunch. They are all glad I came to Atherton (some are envious). I also walk uptown to do my shopping, and walk to church each Sunday. I attempt to try new things all the time.”

Alice summarizes: “Coming to Atherton was the best move I ever made. I think about what I would be doing if I were still at home. Here I am constantly doing something. I love it.”

At Atherton the opportunities to participate are endless. These lead to social enrichment, personal health, purpose, friendship, and fun.