By:  Eddie Gibbs, Atherton Resident since 2011

Scripture:(Psalm 119 18)

“Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous truths out of your word.”

Questions for reflection and application:

  • What questions are on my heart as I open God’s Word today?
  • Am I regularly reflecting on His truth to be my guide?

Thought for today:

During the 54 years that we have been married my wife and I have hardly missed “opening our mail” each morning. By that I mean reflecting together upon a portion of Scripture. Most mornings we are reminded of general truths that apply to every follower of Christ. We are reminded of God’s faithfulness in the midst of family and health concerns. So we find strength and encouragement. But then, from time to time, the Lord has a message for us that it both personal and pertinent. Usually, these words from the Lord have come during a life changing decision time.

After five years in South America, one day we received a calendar with scenes from our native England. For the month of August, the scene was of Tunbridge Wells in Kent, with a Scripture verse added, which declared, “in my Father’s house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you.” That same month we received a letter from the General Secretary of the mission we served asking us to return to England to work on the home staff. And we would be housed in the mission’s headquarters in Tunbridge Wells!

At other times the Lord has provided a peace that passes human understanding. My wife discovered that her unborn child had died just before the due date. She lay in a maternity hospital in a ward of expectant mothers eagerly awaiting the birth of their child. My wife was wonderfully consoled as she read in the book of Psalms. She still has the underlining and marginal notes from the Scriptures that sustained her.

It’s so important that we look into God’s Word each day. There is a message for us there from  the One who knows and cares beyond anything we can imagine.