By: John Eby, Atherton Resident since 2015

Scripture: (John 3:16) “God loved the WORLD so much that He gave us His only Son so that anyone who believes into Him will not perish, but will find the fullness of life.”

Questions for reflection and application:

  • How open is my heart to God’s surprises today
  • Are there needs around me that I can help to meet?

Thought for today:

Sherrie and I were walking one morning and noticed a cute little dog curled up into a secure hole she had dug for herself in a bank of dirt. We tenderly coaxed her out and took her to try to find her home. We advertised in the paper, posted signs on telephone poles, called the local pound, and visited thirty homes in the vicinity. No one claimed her. By this time we had grown rather attached to our little guest; so before long, of course, we decided to keep her.

Priscilla, as we named her, began to put on a little weight. My wife, Sherrie, said, “She is pregnant.” “No, she is not!”, I vigorously protested. We already had three dogs. One more I could tolerate, but the thought of a whole litter was NOT what I wanted.  We had invited Prsicilla, and only Priscilla into our home. Alas, Sherrie was correct. Priscilla continued to blossom and eventually had nine of the most darling puppies you can imagine. I had to build extra fencing, provide extra food, and furnish extra care. But those pups filled our days with so much joy and love, I soon got over my initial reluctance and despair.

Giving our life to Jesus is like that. We invite only Jesus into our lives; but when He comes, He brings the whole world. John 14:12 reminds us, “Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the work that I do, and in fact, will do greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.” Open your heart to the unexpected joys that He wants to bring with him. Yes, they may begin with a shock or a surprise; but you will be amazed at all He wants to do through you.