In these strange times, Atherton is a quiet, but powerful example of diversity done right:  World leaders, political factions, special interest groups, and the media need look no farther than our friendly campus to find lessons in diversity.

Atherton is often heralded by outside consultants as one of the most diverse senior living communities in America. If you visit more than a few of these places, you will find this to be true. To be sure, our warm and welcoming atmosphere does not come from our shared background, ethnicity, political persuasion, marital status, country of origin, or religion. Atherton is a melting pot that transcends all of these potential barriers. Nearly 20  Christian denominations are represented as well as those who identify as Buddhist, Jewish, or none of the above. In addition, about 25% of our residents are retired missionaries or ministers from all over the world.

Ethnically, Atherton  residents are about 53% Caucasian; 40% Asian, (including residents from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, Korea, Burma, and Vietnam); 5% Hispanic; and 2% African American.

About 30% are married.

Customs, politics, and lifestyles vary greatly; but Atherton residents share common respect, welcoming hearts, and joy-filled interactions. Our differences do not divide; they make us richer.

Atherton residents enjoy the service provided by our 249 caring, competent, diverse team-members.  Respect for seniors is a hallmark of many of the cultures represented by our staff. In addition, about 45% of our team are in the age range of 36-55. This means there is a large segment  of our team that probably have personal experience dealing with senior parents themselves.

About 43% have been at Atherton for more than 5 years, and 34 of our team have been serving our residents for more than 15 years.  But whether they have been here a week or 30 years, each plays a valuable role in creating a joy-filled, safe, and uplifting experience for our residents. We know that our task is to serve as the hands, feet, voice and smile of Jesus in every aspect of Atherton life.