Encouraging Truths for Senior Living: I Will Never Pass Away

Practical devotional thoughts written by Holly Vecchio, Atherton Resident since 2016.

Romans 3:23 

The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Questions for reflection:

  • How are you living today with eternity in mind?
  • Can you live in the peace and certainty of knowing eternal life awaits through Jesus?


Thought for today:
For the Christian there is always the promise of life eternal in the presence of Jesus, hearing his words, “Well Done”. Here is how one of our Atherton residents put it:

I will never pass away!
I will not!

At some time this temple will no longer
shelter me
And I will die.
But I will not pass away!

Look, though!
I will pass on!

I will hear the evensong
And I will respond to its call,
And I will pass on into a love so deep that it cannot be told.

But I will never pass away.
I will not!

Trembling in anticipation, washed in thankfulness, exhilarated by joy —
I will encounter the steadfast love that endures forever —
And I will pass on into it
To glorify God and enjoy Him forever —

And I will never pass away!
Amen! So be it! Amen!