Resident Stories

Discover life at Atherton from the perspective of our Residents.

Meet Your Neighbors: Frank & Kay Murakami

They were still very independent. Once the decision was made, everything seemed to fall quickly into place. Selling the house, downsizing, and moving all seemed to bring that same sense of Providence at work. “I’m glad we came when we did.” says Kay, “There are so many amenities here and we have really bonded with the other residents.”

John Bohnenberger – Discovering More Talents

John Bohnenberger was a retired postal employee when he came to Atherton. He had never picked up a paint brush, but discovered that he had an amazing gift for watercolor. His stunning paintings, which are showcased in our Dining Room and throughout our campus, reflect...

Trudi Anderson- Create: How Would You Express Yourself?

With my garden, I don’t feel like I’m in ‘one of those places’, if you know what I mean.” Trudi has always felt her garden was a way to express her creativity, her independence, and her values. She inherited her green thumb from her father, and remembers fondly how he...